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                               Japanese Deviled Eggs

kewpie mayo & yuzu kosho, topped w/ arare cracker, roe & nori (2pc) $6


                                             Sunchoke Skewer

                   grilled over japanese charcoal w/ teriyaki glaze,

                      bacon, and sunflower seed dressing (2pc) $8


                          Honey Garlic Adobo Wings

    4 wings fried & tossed in adobo sauce w/ sesame seeds & chillies $8


                           Filipino BBQ Pork Skewer

        soy & 7-up glazed pork shoulder, slow-cooked and grilled over

                      japanese charcoal w/ a spiced vinegar sauce (2pc) $8


                                 Cauliflower Katsu

                          breaded and fried w/ sliced cabbage in

                            tonkatsu w/ Japanese curry mayo $8





                                          Chicken Liver Mousse

         w/ clementine marmalade, szechuan chili oil, & challah bread $11


                                    Miso Cured Carrots

         pan roasted w/ edamame hummus & toasted quinoa furikake $12


                         Spicy Charred Brussels Sprouts

        flavoured w/ chili jam, oyster sauce, lime, and crispy anchovies $13


                            Thai Winter Vegetable Salad

                      w/ a fish sauce, lime, palm sugar, chili & dried

                                  shrimp dressing & crushed peanuts $13


                                    Market Fish Kinilaw

       filipino-style ceviche w/ coconut vinegar, lime, serrano, avocado

                               cilantro & cassava chips $MP (roughly $16)




                                 Housemade Tagliatelle

                            miso butter emulsion, smoked eggplant maitake

                                mushrooms, sorrel, hazelnuts, parmesan $22


                                     Seafood Kaldereta

                 shrimp, mussels, & baby octopus stewed in a tomato and

                   seafood broth w/ shishito peppers & chicharrones $26


                                                Market Fish Curry

              fish grilled over japanese charcoal in a thai-style curry w/ squash

                      savoy cabbage, cilantro, and peanuts $MP (roughly $25)


                         Sichuan-Style Lamb Pappardelle

               housemade pasta w/ a spicy Sichuan ragu of braised lamb

              shank & shoulder w/ celtuce, baby cucumber & peanuts $24


                                        Beef Short Ribs

              cooked for 48 hours then grilled over japanese charcoal w/ korean

              kalbi sauce & served w/ mashed kimchi & ssamjang mayo $28





                                      Malaysian-Style Roti


                                                 Jasmine Rice





                                         Chiffon Cake

                 calamansi lime curd, crispy meringue & whipped cream $9


                                        Coconut Sorbet

                     caramelized bananas, chocolate sauce, pineapple,

                                     roasted peanuts & freeze dried durian $9



CHEF: Robbie Hojilla                                SOUS CHEF: Moffat Kiloh